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Executive Director, SOAR Enrichment

Part-time, 25 hours per week

Organization Overview:

For over 20 years, SOAR, a small 501c3 non-profit organization, has been offering high quality enrichment programming to the children at Salisbury Central School (SCS) in Lakeville, CT through after school workshops, in-school programming, special events, and teacher mini-grants. The organization’s mission is to augment the school’s existing daily curriculum and to promote the self-discovery, talents, and learning of every child at SCS.  SOAR was founded in 2000 by local community member and entrepreneur Zenas Block who believed “the quality of a public school is the mirror of the community; it affects the future of the community, the people it attracts and the values of the community.” Over the years SOAR has become an integral part of the school community and a well-loved institution.  

Job Summary:

The Executive Director, in partnership with the Board, is responsible for the success of SOAR in accomplishing its mission. As the sole employee of this small non-profit, the Executive Director serves as the face and ambassador of the organization and handles a wide range of responsibilities, including:

  • Providing thought-leadership and strategic vision for the organization’s long-range growth and programmatic development;

  • Managing the staffing and day-to-day functions for all SOAR programming; 

  • Working with outside educators to deliver effective programming that responds to evolving student and community needs;

  • Developing professional and effective communications materials to publicize the organization’s work, engage the community, and support fundraising efforts;

  • Promoting active Board participation and volunteer engagement; and

  • Collaborating with the Board to identify and pursue fundraising activities, set budgets, and recruit Board and Program Committee members.


Essential Functions and Duties

  • Program development and administration: Develop creative and high-quality SOAR programming; Recruit, manage, and mentor SOAR’s paid instructors and volunteers; Administer SOAR class enrollment and fee collection; Be on-site to supervise all SOAR classes with the aim to observe, participate, and provide meaningful, positive and helpful feedback to all instructors and contractors; Facilitate and attend regular Program Committee meetings; Create a joyful, inspiring and open work environment.

  • Community relations: Build and nurture relationships with various stakeholders, including SCS teachers, families, students, and other community members; Serve as SOAR’s chief spokesperson; Create SOAR’s Annual Report and Newsletter; Communicate openly and actively to advocate for SOAR throughout the community. 

  • Fundraising: Assist the Board in designing, implementing, and monitoring a viable fundraising plan; Assist the Board in donor outreach to increase and maintain a strong donor base for SOAR; Work with the SOAR bookkeeper to upkeep and maintain accurate donor database records; Identify and pursue grant opportunities as needed.; Attend and assist with annual fundraising events, historically including SOAR stands at the Salisbury Fall Festival, Jumpfest in the winter, and Trade Secrets in the spring. 

  • Finance and budget management: Work with the Board to develop and maintain sound financial practices; Prepare yearly budget in conjunction with the Board Treasurer, the Internal Committee and the SOAR bookkeeper; oOperate SOAR within budget guidelines and manage budget reports and documentation; Complete annual application as required by the Berkshire Taconic Foundation, the administrator for the Salisbury Central School Educational Enrichment Endowment Fund. 

  • Board reporting and collaboration: Report regularly to the Board on financial information, including up to date budgets, audited financials where applicable, status of programs, donor relations, and other important organizational matters; Attend Board’s Internal and External Subcommittee meetings.


Desired Qualifications and Attributes

  • Model the highest standards of professionalism and create positive working relationships marked by humor, positivity, empathy, creativity and collaboration.  

  • Embrace the joys and challenges of working with students and an understanding of the intellectual and emotional development of children and early-adolescents. 

  • Possess appreciation and passion for education, and a love for learning.

  • Possess leadership skills and interpersonal skills to support, educate and motivate staff and collaborators.

  • Demonstrate great individual integrity, initiative, self-awareness, ability to receive and apply feedback, and the ability to advance multiple strategic and operational priorities simultaneously.

  • Communicate clearly, openly, and professionally, both in-person and in written communications.

  • Bachelor’s Degree is preferable with some experience in either a management position or an educational or school setting.


Job Benefits

  • Competitive Salary based on experience

  • Part-time, 25 hours per week

  • Flexible hours for many parts of the year when after-school workshops are not in session


How to Apply:

Send resume and cover letter to

SOAR will be accepting applications through February 28, 2022. No calls please.



SOAR Educational Enrichment, Inc. is an independent 501(c)(3) charitable organization. ©2021 by

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